Monday, April 21, 2008

The Cheese & Jam Sandwich Experiment

Necessity, is the mother of invention.  .  .if your school ever looked like this?  Well, let's just say your reference point may be slightly different.  Of course, this is only one of the many types of schools I attended growing up.  But today,this experience got me out of a jam. . . (Ahem, no pun intended.)
One of Sophia's favorite snacks are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.   (I'm really enjoying taking requests since she's only two and up till now it's been a guessing game of grunts and signs.)  But there was NO peanut butter today!!! Oh no!  Think SK, think.  Of course I could give her another healthy snack--but from the back of my mind an old favorite raised its neglected hand.   
I'll admit I was curious. Would my little girl enjoy the same snacks that were part of my British/Swazi/International school repertoire? Or, had Americanism so saturated the amniotic fluid that she would immediately spurn something different?  Actually, I think she liked it! Maybe she's young and still flexible?  Still, I believe it's important to prepare her for other cultural experiences. Especially those important to children everywhere--like lunch! 

Please note--cheese and jam sandwiches CAN'T be Americanized (tried it when I was a kid--the details are  important!)  No American, single sliced, prepackaged cheese, please. (Personally, the slimy, cheese wannabe, kinda grosses me out)  No, you need thick, hand sliced, STRONG cheddar to make this work.  If it sounds gross to you? Well, think what hot dogs sound like to the rest of the world?   


Lou said...

Yes I know! Some things only work one way, and those foods particularly- Thing is, it is not the same without the heat and cealing fans turning....

Sarah Squared~ my how you have grown! I am not much of a blogger, but I will try to pop 'round once in a while to check on my "other" Sarah.

dwg said...

I've been eating cheese and jam sandwiches for 60 years or more, and I absolutely agree - a strong, biting cheddar is best. Any jam, but NOT marmalade. Also any blue cheese is very good too. And camembert - and goat's fact any proper - as opposed to processed - cheese.


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