Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The case if the missing sock. . .

Isn't it beautiful ladies and gentleman?  3.2 cubic feet, Hydrowave action with four speeds and 16 washing combinations!  Ohkay, I may have read a few too many consumer reports recently. It may be basic but it's glorious to me.  

God provided a free washer & dryer when we moved in and it lasted 3 years--well maybe 2 and 1/2 then the heating element went out in the dryer. (it would take me several hours to dry a load of laundry, not very good for electricity bills--and yes I did clean out every nook and cranny and changed the fan belt!)  Not long before that I noticed that I was shopping for clothes more than usual--that's when I started to notice just how much wear our clothes were getting from our washer & dryer. Sure enough, when I started lugging my laundry out to mom's it came back looking so nice I wanted to cry.  It was a sad day when I realized the emotional effect of laundry.  I guess that truly makes me a domestic engineer or something.    But seriously--its really frustrating when your new clothes were aging in weeks instead of months to years.  Everything looked pilly and old. (Yes, I really am that vain).   

So, I LOVE Lowes, the day after we picked out top of the basic-line, top loading washer, and inexpensive but brand new dryer, it walked in the door the very next day!  Which was good b/c I had TONZ of laundry that I'd piled up in the powder room next to the laundry room so that the nice gentleman delivering it could move around.   You can imagine what I've been up to the past couple days.  Yep--laundry, I haven't loved it this much--ever! 

Being COMPLETELY caught up on laundry feels like we've been on a shopping spree, our closets our brimming.  I've also been sorting EVERYTHING as it came out the laundry into sell, keep, and give-away piles. It feels so good to only be putting clean clothes that fit and are in good condition into our drawers.   (Ohkay somebody stop me!)

Last comment on laundry I promise!!!  I did discover what's been happening to about 2 dozen baby socks and small ankle socks--the washer truly did eat them!  It was hoarding them underneath itself!!  Just another reason I was glad to see it go!

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