Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Expressive Arts Therapy: Tamalpa Institute 
Highly recommend this organization.  We acknowledge the need to grieve emotionally, but how does the body grieve, or process? This is a fascinating form of emotional processing, through art & movement.    Last weekend I got to study with Daria Halprin & experience a little taste of the work they've been perfecting for over 30 years.

The Bubble Lady-Rebecca Nile
Sophia & I got to see her at our favorite library! Great show. We stuck around afterwards b/c Sophia wanted to thank her.  The bubble lady said you're welcome by putting Sophia IN a bubble! Very cool & a great way to reinforce manners!:)

STARBUCKS CREATE YOUR OWN MUGS--What to do with all those art pieces your kids camouflage the fridge with?  Answer: Make it your favorite mug.  I have an i Phone for family pics, but Sassy was so proud to see mommy carry her latest picture around with her coffee! And believe me I carry my coffee EVERYWHERE!

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Allie L. said...

Love the blogs, Sarah. keep them coming!! We sure miss you guys. Heading to church in a few hours. Looking forward to having you back!!


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