Sunday, June 28, 2009

Beautiful Braidilicious

Sun, sand & joy!  Auntie Minga made sure Sophia was 'Stylin'  Oh and the sunglasses were brought to you by Nana.  'My Nana is cool!' quote of the day from the Sassafras! 


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh she looks SOOOO old! It feels like its been forever since we've seen you guys! Any chance you're coming to Iowa this weekend? :) We're celebrating Madeline's birthday and she misses her friend...who has adorable braids! Good job Minga! I miss you too!

Anonymous said...

What days exactly will you be here? We're having Madeline's party on Sunday night also (5:30)...Rice, ribs and collard green!!! Ya sure you don't want to play hookie at your party? :) We can see you anytime though. When would work?

The Dreaming Bear said...

Oh wow! I remember when Nana bought those gorgeous sunglasses! She is so cute! Happy 4th of July!


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