Wednesday, June 03, 2009


EFFEXOR WITH DRAWL: Simply my opinion, not to be taken as medical advice.
I'm grateful for the anti-depressants that helped me through post-partum-depression and post-traumatic stress.  Now after greatly reworking my diet for fibromyalgia, I've felt so much better that I'm pursuing weaning off my Effexor. I'm SO grateful for my former-therapist and friend Naomi Thompson who warned me against weaning off too fast. "That's when you really think your crazy! Then you go back on thinking there's no hope!"  

Against my doctors advice & my pharmacist (who believe I can wean off in 2 weeks!)    I've been halving my dosage over the past six months, easing though each emotional transition.  But now comes the hard part: the final drop.   Initially, I was trying to go every other day without 37.5mg pill.  After about four days the nasty withdrawl effects kicked in.  Nausea, headache, loopy feeling like really strong allergy medication.   Not fun!  I had no idea! 
After much reading on-line, I found other patients who were opening their capsules and decreasing each one manually.   Let me tell you this is SO much better than going cold turkey.  NEVER EVER GO COLD TURKEY WITH THIS MED!!! EVER BELIEVE ME! I thought I'd share in case anyone ever needs this info.  I feel so much better today. It's taken three days, but life is possible off the anti-depressants! Decreasing the meds slightly in these final weeks even if I have to be my own pharmacist. Again, I'm grateful that they were there when I needed them, but looking forward to life without them.    


Sarah said...

Congratulations on conquering life! Miss you guys hope to see you in the next few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Go Sarah!!! :) You are a model anti-depressant taker and quitter! I'm so glad you're sharing this because unless a doctor has been on one of these meds, or has known lots of people who have, their best advice is just NOT correct!!! We miss you like crazy!

Anonymous said...

Okay so I want to amend my last comment which was so poorly stated! :) Of course a doctor has known lots of people who have taken these meds since they're the ones prescribing them, but most go strictly off what the medication reps say. They really don't have time to focus on things from an emotional standpoint!!!

andrea said...

effexor withdrawl is the worst! i know girl! glad we got to chat last week even though it was brief

Creative Overflow said...

i commented too soon! when i was going off effexor I literally opened the caplets and counted out the little grains of medicine and it was still a tough withdrawl. hang in there!


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