Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Remember that song (from Forest Gump for those of us who were born in the 80's) If You're Going to San Francisco. . . .the song suggests you wear a flower in your hair.
Personally I'd suggest a coat.  It's the end of June with a high of 68 and a low of 54! Most days there's a brisk wind blowing off the Pacific. So we improvise!  Hot tub on the porch (only takes like 12 trips with pails of hot water from the sink.) Feels like spring but we're eating like summer.

New favorite recipes:  California Kabobs  & Panzanella
We'd been saving the heals of bread to take to the ducks in the park.  But I couldn't resist this Panzanella recipe. It uses broth instead of oil which makes it really light.  We used feta cheese, doubled the red wine vinegar, and added capers, parsley and olives instead of turkey pepperoni (We Love having Tara Ely stay with us so I'm vegetarianizing all our recipes) Mmmm think I'll see if there are any leftovers!


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