Monday, June 01, 2009

Calistoga California

My dearest friend Renee Roshar, has made Napa her home. We were thrilled to spend Memorial day with her.  We took the kids (her one year old puppy) and Sophia to see California's Old Faithful.
A great place for a picnic and to wear out the kids. Nate and I loved watching Sophia run (should I say stumble and bounce) behind Renee's puppy.  Finally someone to wear her out!
The geyser was well a geyser, but Renee and I would love to put a couple of beach balls on it and see what happens.  Bring a bottle of wine and some quarters to feed the goats.
Sophia made friends at the geyser. Talking intently to a couple of little boys.  Nate followed her trying to heard her toward the car.   "No, daddy." She responded. "I want to see the tummy." 
Stunned and confused, Nate followed  as she bee lined to the other boys mother.
Without hesitating, Sophia lifted up the woman's shirt to peak at her belly.  Much to Nate's surprise, but not to the mother?  "Do you have to tell EVERYBODY about my scar?" The woman asked her little boy?  I guess you could say it's Sophia's first anatomy lesson.

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