Friday, May 29, 2009

A Delicious Blast from my Past

In college my favorite little dive wasn't a secret.  The Melrose Restaurant in Chicago (personally it's more late night diner.)  I drug EVERYBODY there!  I'd almost forgotten until Renee reminded me of their delicious chicken curry salad.  Renee recreated this great recipe for our Napa picnic over Memorial day.  We enjoyed it so much Sophia and I tried a new variation yesterday.  The Melrose  served it with fresh fruit and a hearty slab of banana bread.  
Sophia and I had been itching to make Trader Joe's ginger bread.  We never have old banana's Sophia's new favorite food is California fruit.  Especially strawberry's!  We're really going to miss the melt in your mouth fruit, fresh off the farm! Also great with curry salad.  It was so delicious we had to share! For a California twist try it with Malvasia Bianca from Sterling Winery

Oh and if your ever in Chicago, the Melrose is a great place for late night board games and a cup of Boston Clam Chowder.  Down the street try Joy's Noodles, and BYOB. Ah memories!

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Creative Overflow said...

sounds tasty! we're on chicken salad overload at the moment. my sister had her grad party this weekend and chicken salad was on the menu. it was delicious, but we'll be eating it for a while :)


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