Thursday, May 07, 2009


This morning I tried my very first Bikram Yoga class. The studio is the other baby of our gorgeous landlady Elizabeth (Sailor- little dog in the picture is the real baby).  Sophia's been enjoying Sailor and he cracks me up!  He jumps into her purse and onto the Vespa for the morning commute. Then he knows exactly when Yoga class is wrapping up.  Waiting patiently at the door to check on the class!  How cute is that?

But lest you think it was just a sweet stretching class. Did I mention Bikram is done in a hot room (105 degree's to be exact) for 90 minutes! (I simply started at 75) Whew!  I was finding muscles I didn't know I had, in my feet of all places. All that balance takes work! 

Thankfully my body is still on Central time and a 6am  wake-up still feels like 8--hoping to keep it that way because it's SOME workout!    Elizabeth said it best: " I teach people an ancient form of exercise."   Interested? If you're in Iowa check-out Hot House Yoga in Coralville. Turns-out the owner, Maureen, trained with Elizabeth and they have the same high-tech bio-clean flooring. Coincidence? I think not!

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