Wednesday, May 06, 2009

San Francisco Here We Come!

We discovered this little hole in the wall. The original started right here blocks from our new home. We owe them a major thank you for our latest experience. Not only did we find a place for us to live, we found a great family to live in our home while we we're gone.  Nana got Sophia this little rain coat perfect for San Francisco fog. We got to walk three blocks from our home to Golden Gate Park today. We walked round Stowe Lake and saw turtles, ducks, museums, we heard the San Fran Fog horn and experienced the legendary fog. Think misty snow in 60 degree weather.   
I'll admit that the trip here was a bit killer (long story) but today's been a dream come true. We got to go for a walk, play on the back porch, walk to the market etc.  The best part, Daddy came home after work!  We shared a glass of wine in the kitchen and whipped up some salmon burgers and homemade potato salad.   So far it's heavenly, thank you all for your support and prayers!  We miss you all but we're reveling in our family time!


Sarah said...

Good luck!!! Maybe well see you soon ;)

Kim said...

Sarah Kay, how did I not know you had moved?!! How long are you guys in Cali?


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