Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hey Mickey!

Sophia LOVES the 80's song "Hey Mickey!"  So much so that she has a bear named Mickey in a cheer costume.  This was the ONLY doll/toy she brought out here.  It almost broke my heart when I asked her to make a choice Mickey or baby doll.   Instead, she surprised me with a great attitude.  We make choices all day (great parent tip I was given) she seemed excited to get in on the packing. Mickey made the cut but admittedly we're getting a little confused.   
The other day we caught her singing Jesus loves me, you're so fine!

Yesterday, we went exploring our neighborhood and found a great little shop, Tutti Frutti.
And Sophia discovered a Kazoo!   People on the street were delighted to see a little kid get such joy out of a simple Kazoo.  It also makes a great stroller horn! People get out of the way when they here a Kazoo!


Annika said...

Loving all your pictures! And love Sophia's song...isn't it hilarious what kids mix-up? So funny...

Tiffanie said...

In all that we do... do it for Jesus right?! What a happy song.

Hope you guys are adjusting well. You'll get the hang of shopping there and then you'll totally hate the lack of choices when you get back home.

I think I'll have to invest in some Kazoo's... well, maybe not. :)

Anonymous said...

Sophia and Madeline used to jump up and down on Madeline's bed while dancing to Madeline's "Hey Mickey" hippo! Ahhhh, the memories! We miss you!


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