Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dear Target. . .

Target is a guilty indulgence of mine especially when Nate's traveling. It's my coping mechanism.   I can get everything I need and everything I didn't know I needed until I saw it on sale!  Thank heaven for Cabi or everything I wear would come from Target.  Imagine my surprise when we made a stop at Target on the way to Napa.  I was going cold-turkey.  It wasn't my idea. 

This time we stopped to stock up so we could SAVE money.  Typically it's the last place I go b/c it's too easy for me to spend money there. However, we've had a little sticker shock here in San Francisco, even though we're living in a very reasonable (and beautiful) part of town.  Having to stop at three stores is just how you shop here.  The market for fresh food, the cheese boutique and the bakery.  It's alot like a European city. Don't get me wrong I love it.  But where do you buy Pull-ups and toilet paper?  The things Trader Joe's doesn't carry.  I'll tell you when I find out.

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Annika said...

Oooooh--you have Trader Joe's? We LOVE TJ's! :) Probably more expensive out there, though...I wonder.


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