Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Tuesday's Tips: Mommies Little Helper's

Here's the short list of things I LOVE this week:The Bible Experience:  The perfect compliment to a busy mom's workout. Check out the link for free upload from Zondervan. My personal preference--iTunes sells them individually like a song. They are preformed with great background music, and the actors are unbelievable. I love the Psalms and even get a new take on my Bible study when I listen to the passages during a walk or run. 

I got hooked on these at the library. Narrated by Barbara Rosenblat the combo of writer and reader are like great music. They're clean, up-beat historical fiction that are easy to have on while little ears are listening. In fact, I actually caught myself saying "I say Nate" and "blast!" It keeps my brain engaged while I do mindless tasks and they're a good mystery to boot.  Now that I can download them from iTunes I'm becoming an addict-- at least my house is clean!

Crystal Light On the Go Energy: Wild Strawberry   Yesterday I went to stock up and every last one of them was sold out at Target!!! Guess my secret's out--would love it in more flavors.  It does contain 60mg of caffeine but it's so refreshing! 

A recent survey found a majority of women report experiencing discomfort caused by hard or ill-fitting hair accessories, ranging from snags to headaches. In April Newell Rubbermaid’s launched Goody OuchlessFlex, a new line of comfort-flex hair fashions. A specially-formulated, ultra-flexible plastic that can still hold its shape and wearers’ hairstyles. OuchlessFlex offers a 100-percent comfort guarantee: consumers who don’t find these accessories comfortable can get a full refund or a comparable replacement accessory.  

I haven't loved a hair thing this much since the hair scrunchie fad. (Admit it you wore them!) I can't wear it on my wrist like a scrunchie but I always have one on me and I can wear my hair in more ways with it than a scrunchie!  

I didn't think I really loved it that much until I lost it in the deep end of the pool last night. I spent 10 minutes diving down to the deepest parts to get it.  It had done a half hours workout with me and only came out after I'd taken my hair down and did a lap with Sophia. I thought it was connected to my swim suit. (Yes Sophia is swimming laps these days--she's amazing)

Baby Oil Gel: Not just for baby any more. I love this for shaving my legs!  I get out of the shower and don't need even need to put on lotion! Anything that saves time is worth sharing. They make it in with coco butter, lavender, you name it!  

Had to share! Let me know if you have any faves of your own!

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Sarah said...

My favorite thing here in cali is
1. The constant sun
2. an amazing workout facility called cross fit. Just the basics with trainers, no machines!
3. two buck chuck from traders joe's


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