Thursday, September 17, 2009

Painful Reminder: Thursday Tirade

Forgive me guys but I have to say it! I HATE my body. I'm not talking about the universal female pain of how I look in my jeans. This is a much more personal betrayal going on between my body and my mind. (Of course, the minute I start bragging about a workout my body starts rebelling. Right?)

Living below my massage therapist has come in handy once again. Mid-night, emergency massage, got me through what could be described as the mother of all panic attacks. It's been a lingering symptom of the fibromyalgia . Either way I think I aggravated something in my slightly aggressive swim routine. (I did a time trial and then about 300 meters free and backstroke-not that aggressive for most people-that's the tough part!) Being an athlete once upon a time-- I have to admit it's still my dream. One that sometimes gets the better of me.

The past few days I've limped back to yoga and hot baths trying to get the knot around my chest to loosen so I can take a deep breath. I'll admit I'm not quite sure if my body has betrayed me or if I betrayed my body? Isn't this the very reason I'm working out? To counter the the painful affects of fibro? Regardless, it smacked me back into reality with a vengeance!

Sigh, anyway. It's true what they say: I'm to young to feel this old!


Lindz said...

We should go swim sometime - wanna come to school on some Saturday and I'll swim with ya?! tee-hee
Haven't seen you in forever!
I miss you!
Hope you're doin alright!
Gimme a call or email whenever or text
I love ya!

Anonymous said...

you are not alone. one day at a time friend. these hard days make the good ones sweeter. you are in my prayers.



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