Monday, September 07, 2009

Tuesday's Tips: Inspiration

Some days inspiration feels like a trickle of water, or it's a fleeting glance.  This weekend--it came in truckloads.  From my mother of all places!  She's been telling me about her cousin( her mother's brother's son.)  Scott Schuman.  The fashion world discovered Scott through that happy accident--the blog. Now it seems he's not just reporting on fashion he's changing the game.  His beautiful & poignant blog has become the place to be seen. 
The books invaded my mid-west book seller and I'm so proud to flaunt my family connetion. It's an art book for the whole family. It's approachable and exotic.  Binge people watching with personal stories offered by the tender hearted photog with a great eye for fashion and human nature.  

Another blog gone big! A beautiful (and clean) story of real people searching for inspiration.  A great date movie (especially if you're married!)

A good rental if you want a thinking movie. Feels like a combo between All the President's Men & The Manchurian Candidate with Russel Crowe thrown in for good measure. (It's clean and interesting--but I found myself missing Russel Crowe in the Master & Commander outfit!)

Agatha Christie tries her hand at the global espionage thriller!  And it's audio so far so good!


Creative Overflow said...

that's so cool that you're related to the sartorialist! isn't that every bloggers dream? adam and i saw julie and julia too and loved it. i really need to start blogging more...

Becky said...

so impressed by your connection to the sartorialist! That's so cool! Maybe he'll donate a book for a blog giveaway. ;)

Sarah Kay said...

That's a GREAT idea Becky! Hmmmm! Thanks for sharing the inspiration!


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