Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Daddy Day's of Summer

It's been so much fun to have my best friend around again.  Someone you're so in sync with, who makes me laugh, makes me smile, makes my bed, and can't get enough of me or Sophia.  I think I discovered just how sarcastic I've been become in reaction to this lifestyle.  Being with Nate I feel calmer and sweeter.  .  . go figure
The end of two blissful weeks with daddy at home. We've had beautiful summer days, shooting stars, storm watching, lazy afternoon fishing trips, and lotz and lotz of laughter.  Tonight we dropped daddy off at the airport heading for Cleaveland.  Sophia & I drove away blaring Daniel Bedingfield's Friday (CHORUS: he's coming back on Friday!) 
LA or Bust! Cousin's Kelly & Valerie stopped through on their cross country road trip.  Next stop Bridges of Madison County west of Des Moines.

We three kings. .  . ZigZag, Sassy & Gabe. 
Lake Mc Bride one of my favorite places across the globe.

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Sarah said...

Looks like so much fun! Miss you guys, terribly. Glad you had so much one on one time with nate this past week!


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