Thursday, August 20, 2009

Breath for Bones

"Archeologists have not yet discovered any stage of human existence without art.  Even in the half-light before the dawn of humanity we received this gift from Hands we did not manage to discern. Nor have most of us managed to ask: Why was this give given to us, and what are we to do with it."  ~Alexsandr Solhenitzyn in his lecture on being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. 

My recent silence hasn't been due to lack of things to say. Thankfully quite the opposite has been happening and much thanks goes to our church, Imago Christi.  Imago is one of those rare Christ communities that value art AND the artist.  Sometimes I think the reason churches are fearful of art is not b/c they have anything against beauty.  It's the artist themselves, channeling God's beauty often requires broken vessels, warn and cracked.  We're rarely balanced, we're often raw and sensitive, and we're desperately in need God's grace. What a pleasure to find a group of Christians that welcome the artist and inspire the art.

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