Thursday, June 12, 2008

Water Supply at Critical Level

UPDATE: The water supply is at a critical level in Cedar Rapids and Robins. The Water Department is currently only able to produce water at 25 percent of normal operation.
Unless water demand is drastically reduced a water shortage will occur soon. While water usage has decreased today, consumption must be reduced from 16 million gallons per day to 12 million gallons per day in order to avoid shutting off water completely to areas of the city.City officials are urging residents to use water only for drinking, to use paper plates and avoid doing dishes or running a dishwasher. Residents are also being urged not to flush the toilet after each use, to use hand sanitizer rather than water to washing hands, and to avoid operating a washing machine." Cedar Rapids Gazette

For those of us in the affected area-please collect rain water in pots or buckets for non-essential use. This will help our community in this time of need.  Rainwater can be collected from gutter spouts or open-air. A bucket of rain water can flush a toilet, or be boiled for cleaning and other essential uses.    Rainwater Collection System Info

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