Monday, June 09, 2008

Wanna feel smarter? Part II

Hang out with my beautiful sister-in-law Deborah! New high school graduate!  Congrats Deb! We're so proud of you and LOVE seeing that gorgeous smile! And thanks for sharing your love of lit with me!

I must have been good this year b/c I've been having great reading karma.  You know when you pass on a good book and get a GREAT book back!  So I passed Ashworth Hall to Deborah, Nate's littlest sister, who just graduated from HS (CONGRATS DEB!!)  And she gave me THREE CUPS OF TEA in return.  An incredibly uplifting book about a man who builds schools for girls in Afghanistan.  My karma kept getting better b/c I'd just watched Charlie Wilson's War (WARNING: DON'T WATCH THE FIRST SCENE) Charlie Wilson has very questionable ethics-and they make their point--but that is the truth of the movie? I know not an excuse.  It does give you a historical perspective on Afghanistan (Don't worry Nate didn't watch-I'm a great censor)

All that to say I LOVE-when life, art & literature all intersect.  
P.S. No, I didn't receive any $ from in the making of this post.   But if you know how I could--please share the love! 

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