Friday, June 13, 2008


For our friends & family across the world thank you for your prayers. The Cedar River has crested at 31.2 feet, 12 feet is considered flood stage.  1929 the river flooded at 21 feet, that was the highest flood in recorded history.  At the moment it doesn't look like flood waters will recede until next Friday!  And more rain is expected! It's safe to say that it looks like the end of the world here!  

The devastation is horrendous and it's still coming. We've been collecting rainwater for flushing toilets but our infrastructures gone as well.  All our important buildings, police, fire, court house, schools, we've even evacuated a hospital b/c it was taking on water. 

We've fled to my parents home b/c they're on a well, (the entire city is running out of water--ironic I know) and Nate is working emergency response for the Nuclear Plant overnight. This means we'd be separated by the river if he'd gone without us.  From my parents house it's closer to their secondary emergency site (The primary back-up site went under Wednesday--more irony.) 

The Ndjerareou's & Wollschlager's are safe, our homes are safe, but the downtown is completely gone.  We've NEVER imagined anything like this.  It makes you just want to cry. Beautiful churches, businesses, theaters, banks, miles of destruction, 438 city blocks it's ALL GONE.  Almost 25% of the city is gone. $737 million dollars worth of destruction.  At the same time the city is thankful for 0 loss of life & 0 crime related incidents.  We're indebted to our rescue workers for your faithful service.


jimmythegreat said...

Everyone is very focused on the tradgedy of this all however there is a silver lining. The city has been asking for government money to rebuild and revitalize the downtown for years, if the city officials are wise they will use the disaster money coming to us to rebuild and revitalize. The disaster will will turn in to something incredible for our downtown area. There is always something good that can come out of something so seemingly bad. Our city can become a symbol of just that if we use our money wisely.

jimmythegreat said...

comment by SH

Sarah said...

We're praying for you all as you deal with the aftermath of this flood. My Dad will be in Davenport with NC Baptists next week, fixing food for people who are affected by this flood. I wish I could go, too, but there's really nowhere for the kids to be while I I will have to wait & take a turn when my boys are more self-sufficient than they are now. For now, I will pray.

Emily said...

SK! I've been praying for you - I can't believe I waited this long to check your blog. I've been meaning to call you, but obviously haven't. :( My love to you and your fam. Stay safe - we'll keep praying for CR!


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