Monday, June 09, 2008

To Facebook or Not to Facebook. . .

That is the question? Recently, a friend of mine expressed dismay that I wasn't on Facebook. I know that it wasn't personal, just got me thinking. Can I keep up with multiple sites? Do I have anything to share on Facebook? What's the big deal? Am I missing out?
More importantly---am I not on Facebook because I have a life? Or, do I really have a life if I'm not on Facebook?


Daniel said...

What about: I searched for you on Facebook and could not find you. I instead googled you and found your blog ? :)
Guess what, I am in train between Belgium and France, travelling as usual could you say, and thought about you. How lovely to see stories and pictures of your beloved ones. Can you read this comment ? You'll find me on I can see plenty of wonderful things around you. On my side, things have been moving a lot. Living in Paris, working all over Europe, and getting married in 4 weeks in southern France in the area of les Gorges du Verdon. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Love, Daniel

Daniel said...

Well.....I also just realized you were in Paris last month......
Sorry I have not been quicker !


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