Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How many adults does it take to pottytrain a little girl?

Answer: At least three, in our house and two more on deck to encourage & supervise.  
This week has been an odd one.  The Ndjeraerou's have been staying with Nana & Papa, b/c of the flooding induced water shortage (my parents are on a private well.)   To make the week even more unusual, Nana's been home from the flooded U of I for an unexpected week vacation, and daddy has been working odd hours (nights & weekends) on the emergency response team for the local power plant.     All that to say--when you have lemons-make lemonade-then drink lotz of it and commence potty training!  

It's been amazing to see my little girl get so excited about this new phase in life.  I had all sorts of tricks & treats planned that I didn't even get to b/c of our unusual circumstances.  Instead, Sophia's gotten LOTZ of encouragement & reminding from Nana & Daddy, Uncle Dana, Mommy & Papa.   It's so obvious that Sophia's a first born--she doesn't need much more motivation than making those she loves proud.  

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