Friday, June 20, 2008


Marine One, the Presidential helicopter is impressive in it's own right.  (Just ask Sophia & her friends who waved delightedly at the Presidential convey hovering over Linn & Johnson County's yesterday.)  
Three matching helicopters-all in formation!  Low enough to the ground to give a birds-eye view of post-flood-destruction!  The roaring, methodical thump, was enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck to creep up.   
It's not unusual to witness a dozen or so planes from my parents deck in less than an hour--coming in low--'on approach' to the Cedar Rapids airport.    Yesterday, looking out at the vast expanse of sky that's my parents view.  It wasn't what we saw that was so eerie, it was what we didn't. 

Not a plane in the sky for miles--that meant only one thing.  A no-fly zone issued in our air-space for this last-minute visit by the nation's leader.  (My dad's a pilot--what can I say? Growing up in my house you have to notice these things--why do you think live so close to the airport?!?)

This latest adventure was something Sophia couldn't stop talking about.  Thankfully it was fun for her to tell everyone she'd waved at the HE-I-COTER.  For the rest of us it was just another reminder of the work to be done in order to restore our fair-city.

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