Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Mail to Nowhere

Today, I closed the first e-mail address I'd ever had, signing off on a significant part of my early life. For those of you who recently received spam e-mails from this account I'm very sorry. It was just another incentive to shut it down. Saying goodbye to an inbox might seem silly. But it dawned on me, I've had that little place in cyberspace longer than I've had any other type of address.

I remember opening the account while I was a Page in the Iowa House of Representatives. The year before I went to college, I was living in Des Moines on a friends couch. It was the beginning of a nomadic period through college and onward. It always amazed me the stability I felt being rooted to something so intangible . Perhaps another reason I freely move forward is because of Facebook, another bookmark in the world, marking my place in the world.

1 comment:

Kers said...

Hey proud to be the friend with the great striped fouton :)


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