Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thank You Rangers!

Check out Sophia's video debut! If you've been paying attention, I've been talking about Sophia's recent fears and overcoming things that make her nervous. This little video made us all so proud, not because of her talent (of course I think she's a natural) it was how she worked to overcome her fears that thrilled us. (I'm seriously afraid she will never be my brave girl again.) Sophia became SO nervous when she saw the camera crew, but we knew she'd be disappointed in herself if she didn't try.

She started the morning by saying "get up Mommy, the Rangers need us!" She's a little passionate about her Rangers. Especially when they beat the 'hankies'. We're passionate about the Rangers--but we're even bigger fans of my college buddy Brandon and the team at You Plus Media. Thanks guys for making Dallas look so good!

1 comment:

Rachel Janini said...

What?! That's incredible! What a great commercial! I didn't even know I had famous friends...


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