Friday, October 08, 2010

Frugal Fall Food

After this month's depressing news on the job front, I gamely informed my husband that I'm changing my perspective. From now on I'm not going to see myself as a stay at home mom, but as a woman who's voluntarily withdrawn from the workforce so that others may have my position. Instead, I'm investing my energies into cost-saving ideas that will educate my daughter and stretch our budget. Today's task: Making croutons out of left over bread. Tomorrow: banana bread from brown bananas (they also make great smoothie if you freeze them) The Melrose Restaurant on Broadway in Chicago used to make a great Chicken curry salad with fruit and banana bread on the side.

As fall fast approaches it's time for soup. Recipes that are delicious and frugal since you can stretch canned food or aging vegetables. In my house I typically have to double the portion the protein. "Who ate all the meat out of this?" is a very common refrain in my kitchen.

Lea's Curried Tomato Bisque (Great with homemade croutons)
My cousin introduced me to her own invention of Smoked Turkey Leg soup. It's a traditional end of the month soup (meaning whatever you have left before pay day or left in the fridge/cupboard goes in the pot) the smoked turkey makes a WONDERFUL broth.

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