Monday, March 01, 2010

Pack Lightly, Carry a Big. . . Heart

A month on the road and I notice I'm sending my daughter to school in the same few outfits. Not a big problem, more like a personal hang-up. It really doesn't matter when you're on the road meeting new people constantly. But now we're in a new environment with limited closet space, sending Sophia to school every other day.

Realizing it truly doesn't matter has been the best part. Call it-minimalism, anti-consumerism, or simply life on the road. No one else seems to notice. Nate & Sophia love wearing their favorite clothes often. Personally, I have enough scarves (necessity of cold weather) jewelry (necessity of being a girl) and jackets to really make it an art project. Honestly, it's the way the rest of the world lives. Less stuff more personality.

Recent inspiration helps to develop this as an intention rather than a consequence.

Got any tips for me?


Sarah said...

I love living in a place where no one really knows you, ( and it's so big no one really cares) it makes life so much more simple. I do miss the social aspects but not the small town atmosphere.
It definately makes you focus on what is most important in life..... Family!

Annika said...

I've noticed that even when I have a bunch of outfits for Ellie she chooses the same ones over and over. So I try to get a feel for what she is really into, which right now is simple cotton dresses, so I let her wear them over and over and over...and now they are all faded because I wash them so often!! :) (And I make her wear pants under her dresses all the time because I hate fighting with tights and it's cold so...pants with dresses is how we roll these days! :)) And yeah...I cared for a short time but finally realized it just wasn't worth it! She's 3...she doesn't care, and if someone else cares that much that she's wearing it over and over again, that's their problem! :)

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