Monday, February 15, 2010

School Days

This morning Sophia went to her first day of pre-school. Even writing it makes her sound all grown-up. I'd be tempted to mourn her baby days if this opportunity hadn't been such a minor miracle. After all our family only arrived in Dallas a week ago. How did we stumble on a Christian pre-school that took her admission immediately, at a reasonable rate and even suggested we use their clinic as our primary doctor while were in town? It's a simple answer-- God.

If we hadn't been living like urban nomads for the last year the ease at which this all came about (during a record Texas snow fall I might add) might have gone over my head. I've tried to enroll Sophia in pre-school before and the waiting lists alone were daunting to me--even for a mom's day out program. I rarely know where our family is going to be month-to-month so sign-up sheets terrify me.

The result of our unknown expeditions has been a lot of mini homeschooling (she's only three) and sight seeing, using whatever museums were available locally. In fact, we're heading out tomorrow to get our third library card in three different states in one year. (Don't worry we don't abuse it--I'm a HUGE believer in the library system)

What surprised me about our recent endeavor was that no one batted an eye lash as I explained our unusual situation. "That's our ministry, we help you through transition." Remarked the lovely administrator of the Wycliffe Child Care Center at the International Linguistic Center ACROSS THE STREET from my mother-in-law's house. Of course it's no coincidence that we're here since God is in control of all things and Nate's mom works at the center. But leave it to missionaries to have perfected a transitional system! Even though we're raising a third generation, global nomad, it still knocked my socks off at how smooth it's been for us.

Picking Sophia up this afternoon I was smothered in hugs, painted pictures and cut outs. She proudly informed me, "I can come to this school EVERY day, Mommy!" I think we'll start with three days a week. I'm not sure mommy can handle being all by herself, but I'm so thankful Sassy has such a great place to grow!

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