Sunday, February 07, 2010


This last week we did 24 hours worth of driving in 72 hours!
Early Wednesday morning Nate, Sophia & I headed to Chicago to pick up Auntie Minga! Great help on a road trip with a three year old! Sophia's such a trooper, I tried to put her to bed and then put her sleeping in the car but she was SO excited! She couldn't sleep until we got rolling (at midnight!) Complete with kids neck pillow, blanket and eye mask from our last international flight--the minute we got on the road she was out! What a pro!

Chicago to Atlanta late Wednesday. Thursday onto Fort Benning, Georgia to celebrate 'Unca Banga's' graduation from Officer Candidate School and his promotion to 2nd Lieutenant! What a privilege to express our support for our troops! Talk about motivating!

Thursday night we said goodbye and hit the road (sans Minga) heading toward Texas. Sophia knew her favorite cousin Hannah was at the end of the road nothing would get in her way.

It was a strange experience to road trip after so much flying! We still have the chops thanks to lotz of audio books (new recommendations coming soon!) our newest addition a portable DVD player loaded with Backyardigans. Admittedly, it hasn't been warm in Dallas since we landed Friday, but I'll take 43 and pray for an early spring. It's been a blast to hangout with cousins and celebrate with our hosts Linda & Eric Darjean, Eric hails from Louisiana. Go Saints!

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