Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Headlines Hit Home

It's hard to imagine that we could be celebrating so much life only hours before death and hatred rumble into Jos, Nigeria and the surrounding areas. As news of the horrors being committed have started flowing over the airwaves, Linda (our host here in Dallas) and her siblings have been scrambling to get news of loved ones in their home town.

Nate & I have been grateful for the relationships we've been able to renew in the past year. We've been able to overcome distance and live alongside friends and family sharing stories, joy, humor and even heartache and burdens. Today in Texas though it's been a hard pill to swallow. Hard to be here and yet so powerless to help. Hard to be close and yet so far away. Thank you for your prayers for the Asake family and the people of Nigeria.

1 comment:

Corine said...

It's strange isn't it... how such drastically different experiences occur all over the world - at precisely the same time.

Your family is beautiful. :) You are very blessed.


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