Friday, November 14, 2008

Thursday the Thirteenth?

Of course a normal day would be unlucky for me.  One more way I'm off beat.  This Thursday, I was excited because the sun was shinning! (A rare occurence these days)  
Sophia & I set out early for G-G's (Sophia's Great Grandmother) they have a lovely indoor pool at their resort/retirement community.    

Four generations of women spent an hour floating, flailing and giggling.  It was wonderful on so many levels.   Sophia has a life-jacket like floaty that gives her the independence she craves. She actually floats around doing laps!  

After such a beautiful morning, I didn't fuss too much when I swallowed a mouth-full of SCALDING coffee! I'd filled up the to-go mug that seems permentently attached to my hand, and somehow got twice as much in my mouth and it was six times as hotter than I expected!
No big deal, I thought. Walk it off, you didn't need those taste buds anyway.  My tongue actually feels like it's peeling today.  But that was soon the least of my worries. 

Getting out of my mom's car in front of our house, I unloaded our basket of towels and wet clothes onto the grass next to the curb and staying bent over, turned around to get my purse. 
Next thing I knew my teeth clacked together as a blinding pain came from my skull.  My mother sucked in her breath!  I guess my head connecting with the small corner of the door had rocked the whole car!    I could hardly see it hurt so bad and the sound my mom made when she looked at the knot appearing on my head didn't make me feel any better.  

As if that wasn't bad enough, she went into mom mode, right in front of my husband.  Nate came out to greet us and winced as he peaked at my head, my mom ran into the house for a frozen bag of vegtables, (mom cure for an ice pack)  and wrapped it in a dish towel.  All of this was very nice and I appreciated it.  Then she put it on my head and tried to tie the ends of the towel so that it would sit on my head like a bandana!  "Ohkay mom!" I griped! "I have hands!"  

Today I'm thankful for her insistence, I only have a large bump on my forehead, and not a giant purple bruise.  Now I can laugh about it. My mother would have kept going (nothing stops her) so having her hands free might have been important.  But after she left, my head began to feel like a gong, and I decided to have a seat.  Even trying to leave a message for a friend I kept getting the information wrong.  Nate kept correcting me--guess I hit my head harder than I thought!

After all that I wondered about leaving the house! I was supposed to take Sophia & her friend to the park to enjoy one of our last 50 degree days.   I don't know if I would have trusted two unsuspecting girls with me either so Nate came along just in case. He only checked his Blackberry half a dozen times! But what a great place to work eh?

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