Friday, November 14, 2008


Anyone whose met Sophia in the last six months (since she's really started to talk) has been introduced to her shoes, and her love of shoes.  Seriously, after a polite and enamoured stranger asks her name, and her age, they get grilled on her shoes. 
This has been a very sweet little charade, but I didn't know how serious it was until Sophia crawled into bed with me around 3am, WITH her shoes ON!  Is there a twelve step program for toddlers?


Julie said...

That is hilarious!! I love your last line about the 12 step program. :)

Creative Overflow said...

OH MY GOODNESS! That is TOOO cute. and for the record, I don't think there's anything wrong sleeping in your shoes if they are pink and have polka dots on them :)

Anonymous said...

I can't help but feel partially responsible for this one! And to think of it, every time I've seen her lately her shoes were topic of conversation right as she came in the door! She's such a cutie! Sorry I didn't get you called back yesterday! I will try tomorrow! :)


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