Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Latest Adventures of Nate & SK

A.K.A. Why I haven't been blogging .  .  .
August: Nate took a new job with TOA Tech--we've been very blessed by this opportunity for Nate and a new phase of life for our family.  We knew going into it that it would require travel, and so we were thankful to stay in Cedar Rapids, near our support system.

August-September & part of October-- Nate traveled to TOA-US based headquarters every Monday and came home every Thursday night.  This was an intense transition-but a great way to get to know the inner-workings of his new company.   The first month was filled with excitement but by the sixth week Sophia turned 2 and 1/2 and suddenly I had a little teenager living with me!  All opinion and limit testing! She has a mind of her own!  

After all that Nate, had earned enough frequent flyer miles and I 'd "earned" some non-mommy time.  I was able to join Nate on his first trip out to L.A. and meet some of the incredible people he works with.  I used the time to sequestered myself in the Westin for three days to complete a couple of writing projects. 

We also celebrated Nate's 30 birthday in Cali by driving down to La Jolla (one of my favorite places in the world)! We got to see two great sunsets on the beach and the occasional curious seal.  For his birthday we went Sea Kayaking in Jolla Cove & sea caves.  It was an amazing experience!  Nate & I went sea kayaking in the Atlantic on our honeymoon.  What a wonderful way to spend a day!  

September--I became editor-in-chief of 'The Villa Voice' our neighborhood newsletter.  This has been an interesting venture since I'm actually the secretary of our homeowners association. It's become a great way to get to know your neighbors and makes me feel really good about any problems that arise while Nate's traveling.

Two words. . . .Potty Training. . . over and over and over again!

In August my Grandparents moved to Iowa and its been incredible to see how much delight Sophia can bring to their lives.  We've had all sorts of adventures already:  Pumpkin Farm, Tea Parties, Swimming, Trick or Treat, Farmers Market trips and many more.   They have such a fearless spirit! I've never lived close to my grandparents so the first time they offered to play with Sophia at the mall while I got a hair cut I almost cried!  What a blessing it is to have them close, especially on days when I'm mom & dad. 

Also on the family front--Nate's older brother Rueben's was around this summer back from Chad--so great to spend time with him.  Joseph Ndjerareou successfully completed Army Boot Camp at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri.  He had us rolling on the floor in laughter with his Drill Sergeant impersonations!  Joseph will be completing his AIT training this December and returning from Arizona.  We're very proud of him.

The Ndjerareou family gathered for the weddings of Teri Marr and Jeff Radichel two very dear friends of the family.  Rueben returned to Chad, but not before he moved Nate's parents to Dallas.  We'll miss having them close but we're so glad Mama won't have to suffer through another Iowa winter.

At the moment daddy's home for the SECOND week in a row!  WOW!  And we're enjoying 75 degree weather in NOVEMBER! Too nice to stay in doors--this won't last long!   Thanks for your patience!  More soon--I promise!

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Julie said...

So I really hope you have some pictures from your trip!! I knew you had spent time working on writing, but now I'm dying to see some of your other adventures...the sea kayaking sounds awesome!

Glad to hear your update :)


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