Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A day in the life of the Ndjerareou Corp. . .

Early morning wake-up call from Sophia--instead of a snooze button we turn on PBS and let her and Curious George brainstorm. In an attempt at equal opportunity Nate & I take coffee-duty VERY seriously.   

At our breakfast "board meeting" Sophia reported that she and daddy were working very hard drawing sirens in case of tomatoes!  Well it's the first Wednesday of the month so we have TORNADO sirens (I love it--when I was her age I thought giant tomatoes rolled through the streets!)   Side note: we decided that our artistic director was a bit of a diva, making sure everyone used the colors she'd chosen.  Talk about micromanaging! 

Then we reviewed our letters, we need improvement on G, V, E, and I but we have great results with M, S,D and many others.  Finally we adjourned so that Sophia & mommy could attend corporate training: today we learned Chinese. Nie-How!

Today at lunch Nate realized he hadn't left the house in FOUR days and needed a change of scenery--so we had a lunch meeting at Subway where we gained some important information:
Sophia does not like green peppers or raisins or chocolate milk.  This was duly noted by the team.  We do like "gaspeti, bulash, pickles, hangaburs, water and chips. Oh and carrots (fhew a vegetable made the list.)  

Our CEO (daddy) helped us establish our corporate goals:
Improving our communication and teamwork(aka. not bossing people around.) 
Work-life balance (making time to go to the potty during important play time.)
Finally, last quarters growth helped determine that income spent on Pull-Ups, in future would be allocated for corporate rewards.  Ideas for rewards included a slide for the basement (again improving work life balance) or team building lunch's to Chuckie Cheese!  

This afternoon I'm working on our public relations, Nate's working on client relations and Sassy's working on growing our. . . well just growing.  She's taking a nap, something that I think many corporations could benefit from!

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Katie said...

How funny about tomatoes!


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