Sunday, July 20, 2008

What a beautiful story!

Many of your have gushed about these incredible photo's that I've pasted up all over my site. Unfortunately I don't have ANY around my house because I can't choose. I want them all and I want them HUGE! (Tres chic let me tell you!) Like a SHRINE to Sophia! Many of you have also commented that if money weren't an issue, you'd gladly fly your child to Florida to have their pics taken by this genius who makes your children look as adorable as you believe they are. So I had to share some of the magic behind the scenes.
Also I've become a HUGE believer in mom-based businesses, and I will give any and all support I can. Not that this mom needs my help :)

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Katie said...

You are the sweetest. Thanks so much, SK. I am so glad you love them. I was actually just feeling hopeful that I might get to the ones of Sophia and Madalyn together when I play catch up. I'm working my way backwards...

Love you-


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