Friday, July 18, 2008

"Are you a super-hero daddy?"

  During a lull in the conversation the other day a little voice piped up from the backseat.  "Are you a super-hero daddy?"  It was adorable and completely caught him off guard.  Nate's taken several days off to help me update our kitchen, just a little paint & new wood floors, but it's enough for me to consider him a saint.   In fact, I may have gushed about daddy being a superhero.  She certainly isn't interested in super-hero's unless SuperGrover counts?  
I think she knew she needed to be extra nice to Daddy?  Earlier she'd asked me where a paint stain came from on the old carpet?  Without thinking (I wasn't attaching blame since we were going to pull the carpet out anyway) I said something like "Daddy made a mess."    Sure enough, Nate had  been home for only 5-10 minutes that day when she pointed at the floor at looked expectantly at him asking "Daddy made a mess?"  The look on Nate's face was priceless!   
"Well, she gets to see all the messes I make on a regular basis" I countered.  "It's good to see that daddy's make messes too!"  It was a weak defense I know but even Super-hero's make messes right?!?

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Katie said...

The image is hilarious! Where do you find all of your images, so funny.


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