Saturday, July 12, 2008

Art as Inspiration as Decor

I'm sure I don't have to convince anyone that "Something's Gotta Give," the beautiful Hampton's movie starring Diane Keaton & Jack Nicholas, is breathtaking simply because of the decor.  Google the movie and you'll see several articles discussing the intense impact this film's had on interior design.  I've loved this movie for years and I FINALLY get it. When the world wants to be more glamorous, sexier, younger, richer, unattached,  this love story suggests that perhaps we've all gotten it wrong?  Perhaps life is simply best at home, in the beauty and dependance of love? 

Unlike your typical love story with the fresh young women & strong, young man who naturally complete each other's sentences.   The female in this story is strong, assertive and jumps into verbal tangles, sort of reminding us of our mothers.  Something ALL of us have believed is anything but sexy or attractive.  Then a funny thing happens.  Jack's never experienced the nurturing strength of a wife. He marvels at it.  Stranded in this lovely home, with this strong women, they both get to play  being "an old married couple."  He's trying new things, like cuddling, and real intimacy, she's understood & loosening up into a beautiful, sexy, woman.  Never loosing any of her strength she grows more beautiful as she softens.  He also discovers how wonderful it is to share his life with another person.  It's clumsy, it's awkward and yet it's breathtaking.

Personally I've had lotz of reason to fall for this precious, fiesty, precarious movie.  When I was a single woman I dove into creating a home for myself as a matter of survival, just like the main character.   Of course, I love any movie about writers, especially one who pours her internal drama into her work.     I love the line: "I've written this [type of situation] but I just never got it."    Helps that it's filled with incredible music.  Much of it French, this has become the unofficial theme music to my own journey.  

This whole thing started because Nate & I are in the process of some home projects and I need a little inspiration.  Check out the article below--I had to publish all of it because I LOVE hearing how art comes together.  I hope you like it as much as I do.  

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Katie said...

We saw this in the theater and LOVED it and have even rented it again since then. Don't you SO want to live in her house? MAN! LOVE that flick.


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