Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Overheard. . . .

"You, vacuuming the driveway?"  asked Sophia, wondering why mommy was cleaning a rug out in front of the house.  Actually, it'd been in the garage while our wood floors were installed and acquired layer of sawdust.

"You're magic carpet's double parked. . ."Dana [my younger brother] flatly informed me--not bothering to ask why a large rug was sunning itself in front of our home.
"Yeah? Well if I go back out there and it's gone we're really in trouble. . ." 

Later that same day. . .

"What are you doing?"Dana asked casually.
"Waiting for the cable guy.   Every time I get on the internet. . . "
     "The fridge shuts off?"  He jokingly interrupted
"You should see what happens when I open the garage door . . ."  

This is normal sibling banter for the two of us.  The goal isn't an exchange of information, the priority is laughter.   Info is simply a vehicle for the next punch line.  

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Emily said...

I love it - too funny. You are so good with words. Hugs to you!!!


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