Saturday, July 05, 2008

Nate's New Gig. . .

Finally, my husband will be doing something that I can explain to people. Better yet have this guy explain it to you (Yuval Brisker CEO TOA Technologies) after all he created the process. It's official, after eight years of service Nate will be moving from the Duane Arnold Power Plant, in Palo Iowa. His new upscale offices will be right next to Sophia's bedroom, although his territory will include far more exotic locations like-France, Spain, London, Portugal, the Netherlands, California & Florida to name a few. We're so proud of him & thankful that God has made His will so clear during this transition. Thankfully, Nate can take a global job while we keep our roots in Cedar Rapids. This city has been very good to us, after last months flooding we felt like we couldn't leave just yet. Thanks to everyone who's supported us during this transition--and all of our international friends get ready Nate may just be in your neighborhood soon!

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Linda Darjean said...

hey cuz! sorry i have neglected you. crazy busy summer! congrats to nate on the new gig that is exciting! any more progress on house selling? howz my sophie-soph doing? aka princess?? give her a kiss for me. love you guys!


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