Thursday, October 12, 2006

Who can keep up?

Not Ready for this! Saturday Sophia perfected her coordination from scooting to all out crawling which has been a delightful development that has scent her parents scrambling to child proof all remaining dangers near the floor. Who knew there were so many household details to terrorize a child (and parent) with.
But this morning she perfected pulling herself up to standing, taking a couple of wobbly steps and then tumbling. I know I have nothing to compare it with but it just seems WAY to fast. I don't have any pictures of this elusive action yet, but I've seen it three times with my own eyes and immediately called Nate in astonishment.
Sophia just turned seven months last week! Now suddenly I have to child proof everything up off the floor as well--I know everyone says they grow up fast but this is ridiculous.

I didn't do it. Nobody saw me! You can't prove anything!

Sophia and her cousin Lucas with Kaga (Grandma Ndjerareou) over Labor day.


The Martin Family said...

Sophia is just precious!! I love her big smile. I can't believe that she is crawling already....crazy!! Looking forward to seeing more pictures soon. :)

Linda Darjean said...

Hey lucas walked at like 7 months so there you go..........that was fast! they do things fast. i thought hannah sat up on her own fast (5 months) and crawled and now she is walking all in 10 months. but then i hear others and they say theirs did it before that and others arent even crawling until like 8 months and walking well, that would be way after their first birthday. just be proud of her. i believe this stage will last for a while. i was almost giving up that hannah would walk.she was standing on her own for two months, and then she took one step and then three and then no more for like a month, but was crawling super fast!! finally it came, now she is running around the house! just get that girl walking by the next time we see her so that our girls can run around together!!!! love you all!


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