Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Pumpkins-Popcorn-and Pajamas-Oh My!

Thanks to Sophia's great aunt Elaine--we were going through the closet looking for PJ's that fit--my little girl has the LONGEST legs--just like her daddy. She can actually still wear any little 3 month old onesies since they only cover the body--but even 6-9month clothes w/ attached pants are looking like capri pants. Defiantly not good for October! But this little Tiger suit sure is purrrrfect! I'm sorry I couldn't help myself

The female tiger stalks her unsuspecting prey . . .

Mmmm popcorn! Sophia's Nana introduced her to popcorn and she can't get enough!
My mother made a very good point that home made kettle popped popcorn (the only kind we eat) is far more organic than those Babies First Finger Food Fruit Puffs (say that 3 times fast) we've been giving her--and without all the sugar! (Oh and don't worry we only give her the little puff balls at the end of the kernel--nothing crunchy--a trick of my grandmother's I think--what did you give baby's before Gerber anyway?)

Two front teeth & P-mama-jama's (as Nate lovingly calls them) Posted by Picasa


Claire said...

It doesn't get any cuter than this! Good thing you're not bringing her to DC or I might steal that baby! :)

The Durbin Family said...

Are those teeth new??? Since last week??? Yay!!!! :) Super cute.

The Martin Family said...

Sophia has such a great smile! I love that first picture...she sure looks excited in her cute tiger suit. :)


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