Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tough Day at the Office

4am-Say goodbye to Nate (his decision to take a cab to the airport saved me an hour trip and one grumpy toddler.)

5am-looking forward to an early quiet time, only to discover Sophia’s up anyway having wet the bed.  My bed actually, she’s a big believer in the family bed even if I’m not. 

6am-laundry starts early today!

7 am-discover that the battery has gone out on our thermostat and the house is FREEZING!  How ‘come these things happen as soon as Nate leaves?

8 am-Get in a fight with a curling iron, I lost! Now I look I've been branded on my left cheek! Hello my name is Indigo Montoya, I have a curling iron, prepare to die!

10 am-Mommy gets her hair painted with apple juice.  (Course mommy didn’t know that the brush was wet till afterwards.)

12 pm-Sophia informs me she doesn’t like jelly.  Unfortunately she doesn’t tell me that she’s spit it out on the floor.  Mommy & Sophia get a lesson in chewing when a plain peanut butter sandwich doesn’t get swallowed easily.

2 pm-Sophia decides she doesn’t need naps anymore.  I’m beginning to agree with her.  She sleeps until about 5pm and then of course she’s wide-awake at bedtime!

5 pm-Sassy learns to turn on lamps, in fact she’s so good at it she can completely unscrew the knob!  Unfortunately she can't remember where she put them.

10 pm-Sophia’s finally asleep, in my bed of course! Thankfully it’s just the two of us tonight (maybe I shouldn’t buy generic pull-ups?) 

4 am-we start all over again! 


Sarah Herman said...

so sorry hope things get better, give me a call if you need to come over for a "break", school's done until jan 12th.

annikadurbin said...

Oh heavens...these days are so hard!!! Hang in there! :) We recently watch some of the video from when you guys were here last, with Sophia and Jack and Ellie running around shrieking with laughter...it was SO great, if I can figure out how to get it on my blog I'll put it up. :)


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