Sunday, December 14, 2008

"I yove going to the Yaundry Nap.  We put the money in and the soap. Then the clothes go 'round and 'round."

Climbing up onto the bed Sophia looked at me without skipping a beat she said; "So? How are you?"

"Mommy? There's a fire in my nose?" Sophia said after seeing her breath become a puff of white in the cold winter air.


Sarah Herman said...

sooo cute I loved that stage! So sorry we miss you last night, I scheduled it in my phone for sunday for some odd reason. I have never done that before! Hope to see you saturday for the cookie exchange!

Julie said...

I love Sophia's coat & hat--so cute!! And those are such sweet things she's saying--isn't that the best?! I love hearing what they'll come up with next.

Miss you!

Zentih said...

funny sophia i would think the same thing!
From your Aunt Zenith which my father is Adingar

小小彬 said...



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