Monday, December 01, 2008

 Recently, Nate & I returned to the church where we met.  The church sanctuary is a large half-circle and personally it's always been a little distracting. It's too easy to watch other people across the sanctuary.  I distinctly remember watching Nate when I'd come home from Chicago to visit my family.  He always sat on the right side of the church towards the front and it so happens my family ALWAYS sat on the left.  I'm not sure why?  My parents claim their parents were left-side-sitters in their respective Catholic & Lutheran churches.  I guess it was something they had in common, even though my parents now belong to a non-denominational church, where you sat was always a given.   

Not for us.  .  .After three years of marriage we'd never noticed this issue before (probably b/c we were in a different church)  The night we returned, after successfully getting  Sophia settled in the nursery  (a miracle in itself)  we casually entered the sanctuary, took a bulletin, waved hello to a couple of familiar faces and then.   .   .began to walk. .  .to the RIGHT?!?   

I wish I could say that this was no big deal, but I CAN'T HELP IT!  Is this submission?Biblically speaking, isn't the MAN supposed to LEAVE and cleave?  Don't get the wrong idea, Nate didn't force me to convert or anything!  It was just one of those things that was decided in a split-second.   The right side is closer to the nursery,the air on the right seems the same  I've even met some lovely people! (Wink)  


annikadurbin said...

That is so funny and so TRUE!! We hardly ever sit in the same spot at church because we are ALWAYS late and so we just take what we can get. :) But I could go put little nametags all over the sanctuary with families' names where they sit--why are we like that? So interesting.

Kim said...

You are so funny! We always sit on the same side too and I hate it when we have to sit any where else. Human nature is such a funny thing!


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