Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sophia's Least Favorite Things. . .

You've seen Sophia's talent in high heels, so you'd think a flip-flop would be no problem, right? Guess I underestimated the strangeness of having something between your toes.  I had a full box of shoes stashed for her to grow into, but one by one they've been absconded from the box and excitedly worn around the house until they've been stashed into some unknown corner.  I have no idea how she can squirrel away that many shoes?  It seems to take me forever to find a simple matched set though she doesn't seem to mind, anythings better than flip-flops? 

I've got to give her credit she tries, but after several uncomfortable upsets (ok she's my daughter and I've never been patient, I've been able to master too many things quickly to have much persistence with things that don't come naturally.)  Instead of hearing our little girls footsteps flip-flopping around, soon we hear clomp, clomp.  Sure enough, she's opted for her favorite brown Mary Jane's, about three sizes too big and typically on the wrong feet.  She looks like a little clown-in-training with rounded toes pointing out in opposite directions. Still you'd be amazed the mischief she can get into in these adorable clod-hoppers. 

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