Monday, May 05, 2008

Sophia's Guardian Angels

I've always believed Sophia has a guardian angel but today I couldn't be more thankful for my fleet winged friends.  This afternoon I discovered a mother's worst fear, the remains of a chewed pill, hmmmm?    Only when I found the coordinating empty bottle did I really begin to panic.  I immediately scoured Sophia's floor, half of a chewed pill casing.   Kneeling beside her bed and I asked if she ate the medicine?  No, she told me matter of factly, which was odd b/c lately she's been simply parroting my questions back to me.  We immediately prayed together, for guidance for me and for safety for Sophia.  Turns out the kid was telling the truth!

It only took several hours in the ER and two separate blood tests to confirm!  In the mean time, Nate & I discovered that Poisson Control will call the hospital for you so they know you're coming.  We discovered our daughter's a trooper not even flinching as the nurses put in an IV. We discovered how tender ER staff can be while they sweetly commented on each color of the leads they were implementing on to her little chest.  Brave little Sophia even offered her own commentary we sang Jesus Loves Me and sweetly chirped "Sure" when someone would ask her questions.  She was completely unfazed by the six or seven doctors and nurses clamoring around her. 

Unfortunately, I know all too well, the more people in your room the more trouble you're looking at.  The only upside to this ill-gotten information--I know flight nurses (the ones in the jump suits that work on the helicopter air-lift) are THE VERY BEST of the best, so when they're putting an IV in your child's arm, thank the good Lord b/c it's downright painless!   Another blessing is having parents as nurses and doctors. They know all the tricks including mixing chocolate milk with the charcoal so that it goes down easier.  Thankfully, there wasn't any stomach-pumping, only a slight overdose on charcoal and chocolate milk.  It came up immediately after we were discharged but not before we'd left the waiting room.   
It also helps when the Nana-squad rolls-in.  Miss Susan & Miss Cheryl, a former Infectious Disease nurse and a former Army nurse.  I felt safer with them around then anyone else.  Of course, they spoiled Sophia with toys and us with coffee while we waited for the 4 hour mark to approach so we could make-sure Sophia was in the clear. The nurses all laughed when they asked me what time it happened.  I guess I'm the only one who can figure out what time of day it is by what's on PBS?!?!?  I knew it happened during Thomas the Train so that had to be 11:30! 

 The ER is also an easy place to make friends, just as we were leaving an adorable little girl named Emma, who's only a few weeks younger than Sassy, sidled up to us while her parents remarked, "You must be the other two-year-old who ate something she shouldn't!"   That women was an angel!  We sat and commiserated and I felt SOOO much better to be talking to a fairly normal, Christian, mom, and her husband who were trying to determine how many of Grandpa's pills Emma had mistaken for candy.   Nothing makes you feel better than realizing every things going to be okay, and that you're not the only one in the world who's been caught off guard by a curious two-year-old.  

In the end Sophia's tests didn't even show Tylenol, meaning not enough had gotten into her system to be detected, let alone dangerous.  Thank God, but I still puzzled over that empty bottle?  I'd had the flu this weekend which is why there was a bottle of Tylenol on my nightstand but I didn't think the bottle was completely empty?    My husband came up with the answer to that one by looking under my desk and bed, sure enough there were three renegade pills.   Seems I'd searched Sophia's room after I'd found the spit out pieces but failed to search my room. So I'm guessing only half a pill or so, actually went down the hatch.   


Linda Darjean said...

OH my word!! I am glad she is okay. That is so scary. I am so scared of things like that happening, the older they get, the taller they get and more curious, etc..... take lots of pics on your trip please. Dont come back and give me some story about forgetting a camera or anything!!! :) We will be praying for you all to have a safe trip and your time away from Sassy girl :) what email do you use?

Naomi said...

Sarah, you should have seen my doctor's face when I explained that I wasn't sure what Madeline swallowed because my medicine bottle holds like 7 or 8 different meds all mixed together to keep in my purse! That's when they think you're crazy!! :) Praise the Lord she did not get much down! She's such a sweetie! :)


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