Sunday, May 04, 2008

French Connection. . .

Parisian countdown begins.  .  .  No surprise that the internet is vital for the traveler, so many great tips, deals, info.  The other day I was checking the 15-day weather forecast for Paris.  Only one problem, it was in Celsius.   I'm not really sure what the temp will be but I do know that since 22 is higher than 16, Friday will probably be warmer than Thursday.  Well, I guess somethings got to be a surprise, otherwise it wouldn't be an adventure.   My new favorite French website doesn't even come from France, the BBC has a wonderful language site that's free and available in multiple levels!  Wanna study with me?

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merey kay said...

you've probably figured this out by now, but i learned the poor man's calculation from celsius to fahrenheit while in 'stralia:
(temperature in c) x 2 +30=(temperature in f)
it's surprisingly accurate to 2-4 degrees!
this sounds like a wonderful opportunity. have fun.


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