Friday, July 06, 2007

top ten ideas for the do it yourself realtor

10.) Hit the laundromat circuit with flyer's

9.) Place homes for sale on the windshields of all cars at every divorce lawyer in town.

8.) Hire the local cheerleading squad to host a car wash in your driveway during your open house. Make sure at least six of them are on each corner holding your sign.

7.) Put your home-ad on coasters and leave them liberally at your favorite eatery.

6.) Place home-ad surreptitiously in every Get Rich with Real Estate book at your local book store.

5.) Put all the extra junk you have in your garage, out in the drive way like a yard sale in hopes of attracting people to your open house. When they ask how much an item is tell them $138,500 even if they don't buy the house you've at least paid back your mortgage.

4.) Call every friend you know who doesn't own a home and "spontaneously" invite them over for dinner.

3.) Hire the local marching band to march around your town home 7 times--if it doesn't get the house sold it may at least get it to come crashing to the ground. Either way we're good.

2.) Buy a St. Joseph statue and bury it upside down in your yard. I have no idea why this is supposed to work--but our neighbors swear by it. We're wondering if it would work if we just have Nate's brother Joseph come over during our open house?

1.) The best way to sell your house--when hiring out of town employee's Nate will write the purchase of our home into their contract!!!

Got any ideas--let me know the crazier the better!

1 comment:

Claire said...

transport it to washington dc where one particular couple i know would like to buy a home! ;)


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