Tuesday, July 03, 2007

It's official-I'm a groupie!

When an upandcoming Xian band wins a Dove award then they should definately be on my radar screen. But when the same band happens to have a Cedar Rapids boy--and a very close friend of the family as their bass player! Well that should be enough right! Expect that they're also REALLY good!
Got to see them in concert last night and was blown-away!
(Sidenote: Iowa audiences can suck the energy out of any great preformance--ask Chris Rice and Thor Ramsey who opened for Stellar Kart--we're a tough crowd!) Not these guys! Wow everyone that wasn't leaving b/c it was a "little too rocky" (a great compliment in my book!) Was bouncing for Jesus and ready to stage dive! Ask my mom--she got her bra signed! Well not quite but she got very swept up in the night!

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