Wednesday, July 04, 2007

This time last year. . .

Some things change--like Sophia has long outgrown her adorable car seat. (The expensive one that has a matching stroller!)
Time after time, women would go out of their way to inform me that sleeping baby in car-seat was the essence of having it easy! Never stopping to help me carry babyseat, produce, diaper bag etc. . and haul them into my two-door sexy car. I'm sure they just laughted knowingly as they rolled six kids into the mini-van with a simple sweep of the arm. It hasn't been so long ago that I forget how hard it was to get showered and out of the house between nursing, naps, and diaper changes.
Personally, I love that Sophia can be my sidekick, chattering at me in the cart and flirting with strangers. As long as I have Oragel, Pacifier, or some type of snack in my purse we're footloose and fancy free!

Fourth of July 2006-Can you guess what Nate's favorite color is? Oh and would someone explain to me the whole guys wearing rubber bands thing? But I love this picture b/c we look like such a sweet family. Baby and husband all cute and coordinating and mom hiding her-post baby weight frame behind a camera. (It is hard to see how far you've come when you only had pictures of your head for the last year!)

Miss Susan's tribute to summer and all things wholesome. I'm so thankful for traditions. Many of us thought that we'd had our last Wilke 4th of July party b/c of her failing health. I'm thrilled to say we're looking forward to a record crowd this afternoon, God be praised! And many more 4th of July's to come! Outside my mother, she is one of the most incredible and influential women in my life. Words cannot express how much I'm looking forward to this afternoon!

Can you believe this was my baby one year ago??? This was also the limit to her athletic ability! What a difference a year makes!
Some things will never change, however, Nate can still be found fast asleep on the floor while Sophia buzzes happily around him. It's a huge gift to me, since once I'm up--I'm awake for the day. Not Nate, his parental supervision is in spirit and body (only for a couple hours early in the morning.) Rule of thumb: if it's a loud enough noise to wake him up, then she's in some sort of trouble. It's worked thus far and we're all very appreciative of the arrangement. (Except maybe my Tupperware drawer)
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aw ! We want to see the hot mama of the family too!


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